Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure!
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California Adventure w/ Gerilyn (and company) ^_^
...and at the very bottom, the pictures of the weekend before at the Grand Californian and D-land w/ Megan!!! ^_^

Hi Gerilyn!

Myself and Gerilyn on that metal blimp ride....thing...


The pimp-master lookin' drummer from Blast! xD


Cute lil' Robin....most of the time...-_-;;

Le Potty de California Adventure



The backside of Hollywood xD

Butts: The backside of the band

Hi Gerilyn...and Robin....*waves*

Think next time you go to step on a ladybug.

Yeah Alice! (UR lookin' at the camera!)

Lucky frog?

No press, please.

You don't even no how hard it is to get his picture. He never stops MOVING!!

Hyper clown!!!

Cocky clown >D (He looked kinda like Sean Astin though...)

Look...Dopey is being bashful! wait.....

O_O His voice was...kinda..high....

The traditional New Orleans Square courtyard picture

Little did we know a mime would be coming....

...and he took this picture..

....and he wouldn't let us go till I took this one. ^_^;;

Megan on the balcony at the hotel

The famous little rocking chairs at the hotel

MoOoOo! (inside joke...^_^;;)